Royal Diamond Hair is a melanin owned, virgin hair extension company founded by 21-year-old female Zikia Taylor , who goes by the name Royal Diamond Hair offers 100% Virgn Hair Extensions and lace closures/frontals. Hair provided by us can be manipulated in any way, as you would your own natural hair. Our hair is ideal for sew-ins and wig-making, with amazing longevity for either method. We believe in versatility and flexibility when it comes to protective styling for personal hair growth.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide our customers excellent, world class hair extensions and brand experience. Royal Diamond Hair believes in creating the ambiance of overall luxury for all. Our name and brand comes with a higher caliber that we aim to live up to. We have taken our time to cultivate a brand that you can proudly support and tell others that you are wearing. We are for the ladies who want to feel good and look good; who are not afraid to pamper themselves and love the beautiful skin they're in.

Our Principles 
Royal Diamond Hair was founded on four values that we believe in strongly.

  • Customer Service

  • Authenticity

  • Product Knowledge

  • Luxury Presentation

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  1. Customer Service: Pleasing our beautiful customers is our first priority. Our team is always available to walk you through our website, help you understand our product lines, and make sure you make the best selection before purchasing your hair extensions. We reply through all communication channels (Email, Social Media, etc.). We also love to keep in touch with customers after they receive their orders. Customer interaction is key! 

  2. Authenticity: The hair business/industry is a serious business and online buying can be a scary, overwhelming experience. Because of this, we want to instill a level of integrity and trust in our customers.  Barbherdollz Playhouse vows to source only authentic virgin hair that specialize in high-quality hair.

  3. Product Knowledge: We value your business so we make it our mission to research, test and keep a steady progression in the quality of all the products we offer first before we release them to our customers.

  4. Luxury Presentation:  Unique, luxurious presentation is very significant to us. We pride ourselves in packaging each order with care and style. Our customers only receive the best of the best, and we promise to provide each and every doll her money's worth.